A couple of days ago I receiving the latest two additions to my pack, Bourbon III and Scotch.

Bourbon & Scotch

Bourbon & Scotch

Bourbon is in the front. He’s slightly larger than Scotch and doesn’t have a dark strip running down his muzzle. Scotch is the slightly more active and inquisitive of the two, and had a great time barking at Rye yesterday evening, Rye having sought sanctuary by jumping up on the sofa next to me.

It was never really the plan to take on two dogs, but the woman who had been looking after the litter of six and its mother was having trouble finding someone to take Scotch. (Actually, it wasn’t so much that there was a problem finding someone willing to take on an adorable puppy, but she wanted the new keepers to be people she knew and trusted.) And anyway, looking after four dogs can’t be that much more work than three.

A check up at the vet showed that both dogs were basically healthy, but a bit anaemic thanks to tick infestation – nothing that a good medicated shampoo couldn’t fix.

Both have settled in well. A little bit of “crying” at night until they settle down. At first Scotch wouldn’t eat much, but that has passed.

Anyway, the sad news for me came in a ’phone call last night: someone has be found to take one of my two puppies, and I have to return one today. It’s such a horrible decision to have to make. I instantly fell so in love with both of them. So, with a heavy heart I say vale, Scotch. I hope you have a good life.