Well, I’ve done something I never thought I would do:  I’ve bought a
new car.  I always thought it was folly to buy something that lost a
third of its value the moment it went on the road.  Still, a little
foolishness can be fun.

I wasn’t expecting the car to arrive at the showroom until next week,
but I got a ‘phone call yesterday morning, asking me to come in the
next day at 9 o’clock with a cashier’s cheque for the balance.

And today, at 9:39 I drove my new Toyota Vios away.

My friend who drove me to the showroom insisted that I leave at a time
ending in the number nine, this being seen as auspicious.

I drove to a nearby garage to get some petrol, then headed home
cautiously.  I’m finding it a little difficult to get out of some of
my motorcycle habits.  For example, I’m turning my head fully around
to look before every manoeuvre, rather than relying on the mirrors.
Funnily enough, I didn’t have this problem on the occasions when I
drove a hire car.

I’m also going to need to be a little careful about the width of the
vehicle.  All those weeks ago when I took a test drive I headed for
the narrow motorcycle lane going into Tesco-Lotus, rather than the car

I haven’t really explored all the car’s features yet, but this is the
first car I’ve had with air con and central locking and a CD player.
I guess cars have moved on in the twenty years since my last car was

Well, I’m off to Tesco-Lotus now to buy a few of the big things that
I’ve not been able to carry home on my motorcycle.  Jumbo packets of
loo rolls here I come!


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