There’s been a long-running security problem in the south. Almost every day there is a report of murder. The protagonists are either Moslem freedom fighters or straightforward criminals, depending upon your point of view. However, today’s murder report was even more horrific than the usual tales of poor Buddhist farmers being decapitated or villagers being blown up at the market.Insurgents shot a Moslem man who was suspected of cooperating with the authorities. They then attempted to cut off his head. They then drove six inch nails into his arms, legs and head in an attempt to crucify him. He was left, attached to his cross in the middle of a road.

And for kicks, these insurgents then kidnapped two Buddhist fishmongers and decapitated them.

Sometimes I wish I weren’t human; I have nothing in common with these monsters.


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  1. This is a depth of depravity that defies description. The Bible says that there will come a day when those who kill you will “think they do God service.” We are living in those days.

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