I missed a perhaps more famous swine quotation – also from the Bible:

“Geve not that which is holy to dogges nether cast ye youre pearles before swyne lest they treade them vnder their fete and ye other tourne agayne and all to rent you.”

– Matthew 7:6, Tyndale translation (1526)

I’m reminded of the anecdote (probably apocryphal) of an encounter between Dorothy Parker and Clare Booth Luce. Meeting outside the entrance to a party, the younger and much more beautiful Luce stepped aside and invited Parker in saying “Age before beauty”.

Parker swept past saying sweetly “Pearls before swine”.


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  1. Wow, now how’s that for some sarcasm? The Parker-Luce encounter takes nerves haha. It takes a very established and confident woman to pull off something like that. Only goes to show that growing old doesn’t make you any less beautiful right? 🙂

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