The Nai Lert Park hotel is one of the many 5-star hotels in Bangkok. For me it’s not a favourite. It seems very cold and a little clinical, as if it’s going through the motions of being 5-star by ticking off the boxes on some list, rather than setting out ab initio to provide a luxurious experience. However, once a year, for the past 23 years, for a few days the interior of the hotel has been transformed by a flower festival.

The flower arrangements range from the traditional

Floral arch at Nai Lert Park Hotel

to the abstract

Abstract flower arrangement at Nai Lert Park Hotel

to the witty.

Bridal dress made of flowers at Nai Lert Park Hotel

There was also a display of hats decorated with flowers.

Floral hat at Nai Lert Park Hotel

I thought this one was particularly fun.

Floral hat at Nai Lert Park Hotel

The hotel has a garden full of lush greenery and orchids, though I failed to take any photographs there. I also failed to photograph probably the most attractive thing there: a stall selling thick slices of roasted belly pork.

All in all, a pleasant diversion.

Mossy elephant at Nai Lert Park Hotel


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