It’s been raining almost non-stop for the last five days, the result of Typhoon Megi. In Isaan the flooding has been the worst for half a century. The Bangkok Post had some striking pictures:

Soldiers carry an elderly man to safety.
Old person being rescued

A man stands, waiting by the coffin containing his late wife.
Coffin on a boat

A boy tries to salvage a few belongings from his house.
Boy salvages belongings

A hospital car park in Korat.
Flooded hospital car park
The hospital itself is also flooded.

Amidst the flooding the traffic police still find time to write a ticket.
Samlor in flood

In Vietnam the situation is even worse. There’s a heart-rending tale in today’s paper about a woman who trod water for more than three hours clutching her 15 year old son as she was swept down river. Eventually she became exhausted and she let go …

The rains are expected to continue for a few more days and Bangkok is bracing itself for widespread inundation.


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