When I moved to Thailand the exchange rate was around 75 Baht to the pound. What’s happened to Sterling since then? The following graph is based upon the last six years’ interbank exchange rates.

THB-GBP Historic Exchange Rate

So, the pound’s value has dropped from 75 Baht to around 47 Baht. In other words, it’s lost 37% of its value. This hasn’t been a stepwise change, but rather a gradual but ceaseless errosion of worth. Let’s add a trendline to the graph, just to be sure.

THB-GBP Historic Exchange Rate with Trendline

Yup, that looks pretty linear.

Now let’s zoom out and extrapolate.

THB-GBP Exchange Rate Projection

It’s official. You read it here first. By 2021 – in just ten years’ time – the pound will be worthless.


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