A couple of photos from my recent trip to Greece.


Actually not, it’s a new shopping mall that’s opened just a stone’s throw from my house. It’s the second such mall to open in the last six months in my neighbourhood. Neither is very large, but both are anchored by upmarket supermarkets carrying a lot of imported foods and other goods. I tried to visit the Amorini mall when it opened on Wednesday, but I just drove around and around – there was nowhere to park. Today I did manage to find a parking spot.

There are a handful of restaurants, an ice cream parlour, a book shop, an optician, a bank or two, a shop selling imported Japanese tat – everything 60 Baht – probably about 20 outlets in all at the moment, but many places haven’t opened yet, and the third floor is completely undeveloped. However, the main attraction for me was Tops Market. Tops has a tie-up with Waitrose, so there were Waitrose sausages, cereals, jams, biscuits – all at eye-watering prices. However, mango chutney was “on sale” so I bought myself a couple of jars and felt pleased with myself. (However, if I convert the price to sterling my eyes still water.)

One of the restaurants sells a traditional Thai delicacy of minced meat served between two pieces of what we call “khanom pang”. I think it’s known in English as “bread”. This dish is usually accompanied by deep fried slivers of potato.


Quite charmingly, on entry one is greeted with a “wai” by staff wearing traditional Thai dress.

Ronald McDonald wai-ing

Knowing how popular Thai food is in the West, I think this might just catch on.


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