Whisky sitting

Hi! My name is Whisky. I’ve just moved into the neighbourhood. I used to live next to the Ram-Intra Expressway with my mother and six brothers and sisters, but the time came for me to leave home and move on. I’m 2½ months old, medium build, in good shape and weigh 5 kg. I’m laid back and easy going. I enjoy short walks in the garden and love gourmet dog food with a nice bowl of water. Then there’s nothing I like more after a hard day’s sniffing around the floor than curling up in bed with a good stuffed toy. My hobbies include sleeping, tearing up mats, sleeping, chasing balls, more tearing up mats, sleeping, planking and more sleeping. On offer: lots of scratches, nips and affection. Wanted: a better life for all dogs.

Whisky sleeping


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