Whisky PortraitI ve just been sitting on the sofa
watching a movie with my master
he only thinks he s my master
after all who prepares all my meals
and who goes around picking up my poop
i reckon i m the master in this relationship
anyway i digress
back to the movie
it was called dylan dog dead of night
what a swizz
it was all about zombies and werewolves
not a single dog in it
i felt as cheated as a music lover
going to see the beethoven movies
never mind my master tells me
there are lots of other movies about dogs
dog soldiers
wag the dog
reservoir dogs,
dog day afternoon
my life as a dog
dog days of summer
and of course
slumdog millionaire
there s even a thai movie citizen dog
but in my language we call it maa nakorn
and i m really looking forward to watching
dog the bounty hunter on tv
life is good



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