I’ve recently been on a short break in Chiang Mai. That meant I had to leave Whisky with the local vet. He wasn’t too thrilled with the barking (and possibly barking mad) Pomeranian in the next cage, but settled in pretty well. I’m not sure I coped quite as well. The first night I slept fitfully and had a number of dreams which featured Whisky.

In the first dream I dreamt that I was picking Whisky up and the vet was telling me that he wasn’t any good, citing a number of reasons, and recommending that I send him back and get a new dog.

In the second I was fighting robotic aliens with twisty pincers on the end of metal tentacles (all very Doctor Who). Fortunately Whisky was there to help me in battle.

And in the third I dreamt that Whisky had found a coiled venomous snake. (I knew it was venomous because it was black with coloured spots and had a diamond-shaped head.) The snake was readying to strike and I had to get Whisky away – preferably without getting bitten myself.

Even in the land of nod I’m not safe from the effects of that dog.


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