Dogs eat meat. They have sharp teeth to rip and tear flesh. So why does dog food have corn and rice cereal as its main ingredient, and also contain corn gluten meal, soy bean meal, wheat flour, carrot and spinach? It’s virtually vegan. Anyway, that’s why I frequently give Whisky a little meat or fish or an egg. Since dogs have a poor sense of taste* I usually get the cheapest meat I can find. Yesterday I was boiling up chicken hearts for him. It reminded me of a beautiful, haunting song by Christina Perri whose career skyrocketed after it was featured last season on So You Think You Can Dance. I can’t embed the video, but the link is:

* When first picked up Whisky was wearing a red and white napkin tied around his neck in lieu of a collar. Red and white with those fur tones? What a fashion faux pas!


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