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a couple of days agoWhisky Portrait
my master had to adjust a strap on my harness
he said it was because i was getting fat
i m just big boned
and i do wish he d stop calling me greedy
i just have a healthy appetite
earlier today i was scratching madly at my collar
i think my master must have put it on wrongly
but he said it needed to be let out a notch
because i d put on weight

yesterday i was playing with my master
in the garden
i was teaching him how to
kill the frog by throwing it
he didn t do a very good job
at one point the frog ended up
over the wall in the next door garden
he says there was a sudden gust of wind
right like i m falling for that old story
i wasn t born yesterday
it was rather piquant though
seeing him trot around to the neighbours
and come back bearing a lime and orange frog
with the stuffing falling out of it
whilst the building workers looked on

today i finally managed to kill the frog
it s a tough job but someone has to do it
there were frog innards
all over the place
of course i tried to deny it was me
but my master had the evidence

Whisky & frog
Whisky & frog
Whisky & frog




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  1. The change of authorship has dramatically improved this Blog. If only Whisky could be trained to bite the bloke that insists on posting the occasional political diatribe.

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