my master has been telling meWhisky Portrait
about the seven deadly sins
i think i m very good at them

sloth is my speciality
i can lie around for
hours doing nothing
and often do

gluttony i m excellent at too
i love my chicken and pork and duck
and egg and bones to chew on

i can do wrath
sometimes when i see a workman outside
i bark at him until my master comes
and says shhhh and holds my mouth closed
if he d let me i d bark a lot more

greed well you can never have
too many frogs to kill
funnily enough this morning
i was taking my early morning constitutional
when a frog jumped out of the bushes
he startled me
otherwise i wouldn t have
let him get away

when you re as good looking as me
you re bound to be full of pride
just look at the picture

envy well i envy dogs that
have more frogs than me
i bet really rich people
have whole rooms
just full of frogs
to chew to death

the only sin i didn t understand
was lust but my master says
i shouldn t worry about that one
and muttered something about
a visit to the vet

anyway 6 out of 7 sins
is pretty good don t you think



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