as an artist it s important Whisky Portrait
for me relentlessly to challenge myself
emotionally and artistically
no longer was i satisfied
with shredding single sheets of paper
i wanted to do something
on a grand scale
here it is
my latest work
i call it
torn up paper towel xxiv

torn up paper towel
Whisky, Torn Up Paper Towel XXIV, 2011

the parallels are obvious

Picasso, Siphon, Glass, Newspaper & Violin
Picasso, Siphon, Glass, Newspaper and Violin, 1912

Braque, Tenora
Braque, Tenora, 1913

though picasso and braque
only ever cut the paper up
with scissors
i apply myself body and soul
to my art
ripping the paper
with claws and teeth

there are also clear links
to duchamp
and his objets trouve

Duchamp, Fountain
Duchamp, Fountain, 1917

i find the source material
for my greatest works
in the wastepaper basket
however I think my master
must be jealous
of my great talent
because he s taken to
keeping the wastepaper basket
on top of the dining table
a great artist won t be thwarted
by the petty mindedness
of the little people
in fact the kitchen paper roll
for my latest and greatest work
was on top of a table
and so my master thought
out of reach
how wrong he was


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