It’s now less than a week since Thaksin’s puppet sister was elected Prime Minister. Showing government priorities we now hear that Thaksin’s children are to be exempt from paying the 11 billion Baht capital gains tax on the sale of strategic national assets including telecommuncations satellites and mobile ‘phone network the family company to Singapore. 11 billion Baht? That’s 226 million Great British Pounds or 368 million Yankee Dollars.

The Prime Minister has also made an interesting choice of Foreign Minister. Rather than go for an experienced career diplomat she chose a man who not only has no experience of foreign affairs but has also openly admitted he’s not interested in them. He may be related to the Thaksin clan through marriage, but I’m sure he’s the best man for the job. The job, apparently, is to bring Thaksin back to Thailand without his spending a moment in jail and ensuring he’s totally exonerated of all criminal charges.


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