earlier today my master Whisky Portrait
wasn t showing me enough attention
how dare he
he was there reading
the sunday newspaper
when he could have been
playing with me
i soon showed him
i bit his big toe
he wasn t too pleased
and spent the next ten minutes
dealing with the blood
rather than being fun
he s such a disappointment

he s also started being mean
when i jump up to say hello
he just turns around
crosses his arms
and walks away
i think he wants to
stop me saying hello
that s not very nice

actually it was
a little bit difficult
to bite him properly
because i ve lost
one of my teeth
master tells me
that s normal for
dogs of my age
but how am i going
to protect him against
the perils of frogs
am i supposed to
gum them to death

i did see there s a book
on my master s bookshelf
eat that frog

Eat That Frog cover

maybe i should read it
to get some more tips
on how to deal with
these enemies of society

the good news is that
i m still getting art supplies
for my creative oeuvres
here s my latest paper roll
destined soon
to be something magnificent

Whisky and art supplies



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