i found this in the house yesterday
Mechanical Frog

i not sure exactly what it is
but i think it s a mechanical frog
those dastardly frogs are evil geniuses
i ve never had to kill
a mechanical frog before
i really wasn t sure how to go about it
at first i was very cautious
assessing the situation

then i went into attack mode

the frog is still undead
my mission to free the world of frogs
even mechanical ones

to be honest
i ve not been feeling
too good recently
my teeth keep on falling out
master says
with a cockney accent
almost as authentic
as dick van dyke s

they is all falling out
like confetti they is

i have no idea why the funny voice
he also says
this is perfectly normal
for a puppy my age
and when i get my new teeth
i ll have more of them
all the better to kill frogs
in the meantime
it s made it much more difficult
for me to chew the stinky bone
that master gave me
to cheer me up

on sunday my master
took me to the vet
when i arrived
there was a pretty cloth mat
on the floor
so i went over and weed on it
my master was very embarrassed
it wasn t my fault
i know i m not allowed to
wee in the house
but nobody told me
i wasn t allowed to
wee at the vets

anyway so little time
so many frogs to kill
i must get back to work



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