“For behold I wil bringe in a floud of water apon the erth to destroy all flesh from vnder heaven wherin breth of life is so that all that is in the erth shall perish.”
               Genesis 6:17 – Tyndale Translation

Noah had quite a problem. An ark full of animals, two of every kind. I wonder where he got the food to feed them all? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t at Big C. Went there yesterday for a regular shop, and to stock up in preparation for the impending inundation. The shelves were, to put it mildly, depleted. The only bottled water available was Evian. Instant noodles had fled the shelves. Only a few desultory bags of rice were left. Canned fish was conspicuous by its absence. Beer too had gone awol. (Just as well that I’m expecting delivery of a case of wine later today. After all it is important to stock up with the essentials.)

Big C did rather take advantage of the situation, so tents and oil lamps were prominently displayed, as were candles and matches. And I did succumb to the temptation to buy one of the few remaining barbecues and a bag of charcoal on offer.

Of course, this will all probably come to nought. The waters will pass by Bangkok, the floods to the north recede. But there remains a doubt, a nagging doubt, that in a day or two I may be stranded upstairs without electricity or running water, short on food, and eyeing Whisky’s food bowl with envy.

“DELUGE, n. A notable first experiment in baptism which washed away the sins (and sinners) of the world.”
                – Ambrose Bierce


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