Took a stroll around the moobaan this morning. Snapped a few shots of what people have done to prepare.

The developer has installed some pumps to clear water from the drains. The land outside two sides of the moobaan is significantly lower, so if there’s heavy rain this should help.

Water pump

Water Pump 2

For many people a car is a prized possession. Cars have been wrapped

Wrapped cars

And put on blocks

Car on blocks

And put on ramps

Car on ramp

Or mega ramps

Mega ramps

Personally, I’d rather have this car swept away and claim on the insurance. But to each his own.

Car on blocks

And to protect their homes people have taken all sorts of measures.

Sandbags and a rather fetching striped sheet:

Sand bagged home

More stripy sheets

Sand bagged home 2

Floor tiles seems a little desperate, but if there are no sandbags available …

Floor tiles protect

A breeze block wall is seriously serious:

Breeze block flood defence

Will plastic sheeting hold back the flood?

Plastic sheet against the flood

Not sure how effective the guard dogs will be:

Sandbags with guard dogs

Nice bags. And I’m sure the water won’t even think of entering through the hedge.

Sandbag fail

Do they really expect the water to get this high?

High defences

Some serious sandbagging:

Serious sandbags

And it’s important to add a little kitsch to one’s bags

Sandbags with kitsch


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