Many Thais – even hi-so ones – have a love of the kitsch. The insides of homes of the wealthy, as represented in Thai soap operas, usually look like a bizarre cross between a Louix XIV interior and a Chinese palace. I guess my moobaan is for the relatively affluent, and they display their kitsch tendencies on the gateposts.

Chickens are a popular theme, perhaps reminding people of their agrarian backgrounds:

The rooster, however, reminds us of King Naresuan the Great, who in the 16th century, as a boy, was held hostage by the Burmese to ensure that the Siamese did not rise up against them. He was famous for his love of cock fighting. He eventually escaped and led a successful uprising against the Burmese invaders.

Other animals such as elephants, cows and giraffes also make an appearance.

These cats appear to have arrived from Japan.

Human figures include monks:

and goodness knows what!

It appears that here they’ve fled, just leaving the glitter ball and a big pile of poo:

The biggest surprise, however, was this one:

It even moved and squawked. So life-like!


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