my master has been cheating on meWhisky Portrait
seeing another dog behind my back

it all started a few days ago
when my master saw a dog
living at the side of the road
it was raining
and the dog was just standing there
no shelter
soaking wet
that s when master decided to betray me

a couple of days later
it was raining again
as master was passing
and master stopped and
gave the dog some of my food
what was he thinking
and now he keeps
a bag of dog food
or whisky food as i call it
in the car
he thinks i don t know
but i do

yesterday i went to the vet
and had a great time
running around
sniffing people
jumping on the sofa
but things started to go bad
when master picked me up
and put me on the scales

20 kg

oh those stinky bones
a moment on your lips
a lifetime on your hips

then things got worse
when my master held me very tightly
and an evil woman
stuck a needle in me
i m not a pincushion you know

things hit rock bottom when
on the way back home
my master slowed the car
and then i saw her
the whore who s taken
both my master s heart
and my whisky food

but she was with someone else
a passing workman was giving her
some of his bag of rice to eat
master drove on

so i told master she s a shallow tramp
not worthy of his affection
or my whisky food

but can master be faithful only to me



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