do you like my new portraitWhisky Portrait
handsome yes
like the queen of england
i only change my official image occasionally

i ve discovered there s something
more dangerous than frogs
it s polycarbonate sheeting
master brought home
a couple of large sheets
as he was releasing the tape
holding them in a large roll
there was an enormous bang
as they broke free and attacked him
well i wasn t going to hang around
and be killed by psychopathic
polycarbonate sheets
i ran down the road
as fast as i could
i know they call me whisky the fearless
but i know when something s
out of my league

that was about a week ago
i still view the sheets with suspicion
though now they re taped down
over windows and doors
so can't escape

my master is really rather forgetful
yesterday he cooked two chicken breasts
and give me a piece to eat
silly master then forgot
to give me the rest of the meat
never mind
i later jumped up at the kitchen counter
and helped myself
i didn t want to bother master
master looked very upset
when he saw me eating the chicken
and realised he d forgotten to give it to me

that s all for now
i just need to go and
check on the polycarbonate
to make sure it hasn t escaped



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