Calcutta doesn’t, to be honest, have much in the way of tourist attractions. However, there is a small group of Jain temples that’s well worth a look,

Jain temple in Calcutta

Another Jain temple

Jain temple corridor

The bridges across the Hooghly river are also impressive. The Howrah bridge is probably the most famous. This is the less well known Bally bridge, though now we’re supposed to call it Vivekananda Setu much in the same way as we’re supposed to call Calcutta “Kolkata” and Marathon bars “Snickers” nowadays.

Bally bridge


Puri is a seaside town very popular with Bengalis. It’s also a good jumping off point for a trip to Konark. The beach, however, is shared with dogs

Dogs on Puri beach


Cows on Puri beach

and camels.

Camel on Puri beach


And finally a couple of pictures of TLP (one with his cousin).

TLP, cousin and present


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