america s favourite dog
Whisky Portraitc est moi
who d have thunk it

Whisky, America's most popular dog

of course
i ve never been to america
i really don t like what they do
to you at immigration
i don t mind taking off my collar
but taking my coat off so it can be x rayed
really wouldn t be very nice
and as for a tsa agent
sticking his hand
up my bottom to steal my pure
well that s totally unacceptable
he should wait until i poo
just like master does

funny thing is
earlier this week i was pooing and
my pure was pure white
master tells me it s because of
the stinky bone i d been eating
it was the biggest bone i ve ever seen
i think it must have been a dinosaur bone

the favourite dog competition was stiff

Favourite dogs

but i hear that that lassie
he s really a bitch

i only learned about my new fame
from watching fox news
the funny thing is
30 minutes of watching
and not a single story about foxes
what a swizz



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