The events three years ago when the Red Shirt rally, which had blocked the major Rajprasong intersection at the heart of Bangkok’s shopping district for more than two months, ended have created a terrible scar in the Thai psyche; more than 90 shot dead and well over 200 injured, two shopping mall torched and destroyed. The Pheu Thai politicians – the Red Shirts’ political allies – talk about reconciliation. Their mouths flap with empty words, and their hearts are equally empty.

On Sunday morning the main photograph on the front page of the newspaper showed a picture of the 3 year “commemorative” Red Shirt rally, blocking again the same intersection for hours, and bringing back many painful memories of what happened. Above it a giant screen showing Thaksin giving an address to the assembled from his home in exile in Dubai via Skype. I felt physically sickened by the sight, and I’m sure many Thai people will have felt the same way.

Even after three years, there’s been no healing, no progress towards reconciliation. Thailand remains as divided as ever. And the square-faced one seems intent on keeping it that way.


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