master has bought meWhisky Portrait
some new dog food
it s very tasty with
roasted quail and duck
and smoked turkey

on the label it says it s
a grain free formula
with real roasted and smoked meats
and fruit and vegetables

wait a minute
that sounds familiar

oh no
master s secretly put me
on the paleo diet


when i took master
for a drag last night
i saw a strange creature
lurking under the security
guard s hut waiting
to attack as we passed

master told me it was
a thai neekitun
well of course it was thai
you re not likely to find
a french neekitun here in thailand
are you

but what is a neekitun

it doesn t look much like a frog
it s all covered in fur
and has a long tail
still it must be very dangerous

i wanted to go and kill it
before it had a chance
to attack anyone else
but master was so afraid of it
he wouldn t let me anywhere near it

silly master
i would have protected him
i m not afraid of anything
whisky the fearless
that s me

it s not true that
i m afraid of thunder
the only reason i come
and sit next to master
when it s thundering
is because i think
master might be afraid
and knowing that i m there
to protect him
will comfort him
that s also why i
come upstairs during the night
and pad around outside
his bedroom door
whenever there s a storm



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