what do you call Whisky Portrait
nine pomeranians
in a prison cell

a start

good joke


well it s not so funny
if you re in the cell
next to them

i ll explain what happened later

here s a photograph of
the pomeranians

Evil Incarnate

Evil Incarnate

i think they re being treated
the same way they treat
rohingya refugees*

the navy has put them
back on a boat
and is towing them
out to sea

but back to my problems

i failed master

i m mortified

a frog almost got inside
the house to kill us all
in our beds

in my defence
it was very high up
and i didn t see it

Frog on Wall

Frog on Wall

still master was not happy

he put me in prison to punish me

it wasn t fair
i went on hunger strike in protest
apart from the tasty bits
in the food

master was so afraid
of being attacked by frogs
in his home
that he fled to singapore
when i wasn t there to protect him

i guess they don t
have frogs in singapore


* Master adds: Thailand isn’t a signatory to the The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its treatment of refugees and other stateless persons is at times questionable. There are repeated and persistent reports of the Thai navy’s intercepting the boats of Rohingya (Burmese Muslims of Bangladeshi ancestry) fleeing interracial violence in Burma – in particular in Rakhine state – and towing them further out to sea. It has also been alleged that Rohingya refugees have, after arriving in Thailand, been put back into their boats, given food and water, and towed back out to sea. In some cases (again alleged), the boats have not had working motors. The Thai Navy denies all the allegations.

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