master must be very disappointed with meWhisky Portrait
i think it s because
he found a large frog
when he was gardening
it was in the long grass
i didn t see it

of course he s right to be cross
killing frogs is my responsibility
i m really very good at it

anyway master doesn t appreciate
my efforts and how skilled i am
in the fine art of frog dispatching
so he brought another dog
into the house

New puppy

to be honest
i think it ll be a few months
before she s any good
at killing frogs

she s only 3 weeks old
never killed a frog
in her life in fact
all she s ever done is
live at the side of the road
sleeping playing with her siblings
and suckling on mother s teats
no frog warrior she


on reflection there may be
another explanation

master s getting greedy

he wants more pure
to sell to the tan yard

silly master
if he wants more pure
he doesn t need
to get another dog
he just needs to feed me more
i m perfectly happy to eat
all the stinky cheese and
foie gras he can give me




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