the new puppy is turning out Whisky Portrait
to be a big disappointment
to master
i hope he takes her away soon

master was hoping to get rich
by selling her pure
he knew that puppies poo
several times a day
whilst i only poo twice
regular as clockwork i am

anyway this puppy can
go a more than a day
without pooing

he s become so desperate
he s taken to rubbing her
with a wet cloth to push
the pure out of her

don t know why he bothered
with the cloth he should lick her
like my mother did to me
when i was young

she s also useless
when it comes to
killing frogs

master put a training frog
into her cage

what did she do

use it as a pillow
that s what

And the puppy shall lie down with the frog

And the puppy shall lie down with the frog

i know they say
the lion shall lie down
with the lamb
but the puppy
lie down with the frog
it s not natural

she s not even a
moderately talented artist
doesn t even have the skill
to shred a piece of kitchen roll
just drags it around the room
in her mouth


how much longer will master
put up with this waste of fur




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