silly master Whisky Portrait
he doesn t know that
he s acquired a puppy

he thinks it s a rhinocerous

whenever she starts chewing the sofa
or bites his leg he calls out


perhaps master wanted a rhino
because they make
enormous quantities of pure

greedy master

anyway she s a puppy
not a rhino
but she does make lots of pure
nine pieces in one day
that must be a record

i think she s just showing off
to impress master
so he doesn t get rid of her
after all
she s an abject failure
in so many other ways

consider her art work
the best she can manage
is tearing up newspaper
soaked in her own urine
so derivitive
i m pretty sure tracy emin
has done that already
more than once

and as for frog killing
absolutely useless

after she failed to kill
the first training frog
master got her another one
even smaller

it s still alive

she tried to drown it

Frog Drowning

Frog Drowning

stupid dog
doesn t she know that
frogs are ambiguous

that means they can live on land
and in water

that s the only certain way

she s also so stupid that
she thinks i want to
play with her

doesn t she understand that
my snarls and growls mean that i
like greta garbo
just want to be left alone

and i really hate it when
master gives her treats and tummy rubs
he should only do that for me
for is it not written

the lord your dog is a jealous dog


you shall have no other dogs before me

i ask once again
how much longer will master
put up with this waste of fur




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